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The AMICUS XPS instrument has been developed from proven technology and incorporates the latest in digital control electronics producing an easy to use, flexible system suitable for all levels of expertise.

The spectrometer housing has been designed with a compact footprint enabling it to be used for a wide range of applications from routine laboratory use to quality control and assurance in production environments. Compact yet high performance design has been accomplished through the incorporation of the successful "Dupont" type analyser and newly optimised digital electronics.

A simple, rapid sample introduction system has been incorporated with a fully automated multi sample carousel system enabling a wide range of applications, including completely unattended routine operation.
The standardised, highly user friendly XPS acquisition and data processing software package facilitates both simple and complex studies in a totally automated fashion.

The ability to set up and store previously defined data acquisition and processing parameters ensures that reproducible procedures are maintained, an important cosideration for quality control environments.


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