AXIS NOVA incorporates market leading AXIS technology including coaxial charge compensation, magnetic immersion lens and real time parallel XPS imaging with a new level of fully automated high throughput analysis.

In-situ orthogonal optics give a clear picture of the sample surface in both the entrance and analysis chambers.
The high resolution parallel XPS images provide elemental and chemical surface distribution. In combination, both techniques provide an unambiguous reference from which to acquire spectroscopic analysis with <10?m analysis area.


  • Fast parallel XPS imaging <3?m resolution
  • Small spot analysis area <10?m
  • Highest energy resolution spectroscopy Ag 3d5/2 <0.48eV
  • Fully automatic charge compensation system
  • 100 channel pulse counting detector
  • Snapshot mode parallel spectral acquisition
  • High performance low energy ion gun
  • Fully automated sample transfer

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