TOF SIMS 5 System

Superior Performance for all SIMS Applications

The TOF-SIMS 5 provides detailed elemental and molecular information about surface, thin layers, interfaces of the sample, and gives a full three-dimensional analysis. Its unique design guarantees optimum performance in all fields of SIMS applications. The product line includes:

4" version for sample sizes up to 100 mm in diameter
8" version for sample sizes up to 200 mm in diameter
12" version for sample sizes up to 300 mm in diameter

The basic instrument is equipped with a reflectron TOF analyser giving high secondary ion transmission with high mass resolution, a sample chamber with a 5-axis manipulator (x, y, z, rotation and tilt) for flexible navigation, a fast entry load-lock, charge compensation for the analysis of insulators, a secondary electron detector for SEM imaging, state of the art vacuum system, and an extensive computer package for automation and data handling.

A variety of different options and accessories such as sample heating and cooling for analysis of volatiles, laser post ionization of neutrals etc. is available.
Configurations including in-situ sample preparation chambers and sample transfer systems are also available. In particular ultra high vacuum combination with XPS, Auger and other instruments allows multi-technique analysis without exposure of the sample to air (see Customised Systems).


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