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Turbo-V750 and Turbo-V850 TwisTorr Pumps

Turbo-V 750 and Turbo-V 850 TwisTorr

A powerful, compact solution with leading-edge performance 

The Turbo-V 750 and Turbo-V 850 TwisTorr pumps offer the highest pumping speeds in their categories for all gases. Utilizing leading-edge Twistorr technology, the pumps achieve the highest compression ratios for light gases in commercially available turbo molecular pumps. Even with offering the highest performance to date, average power consumption by these new drag section designs are reduced by at least 20% compared with previous designs. Agilent is proud to bring you the finest in turbo molecular pumps with the Turbo-V 750 and Turbo-V 850 TwisTorr.

  • Advanced rotor design in combination with TwisTorr technology reduces the number of pumping stages by 30%

  • Our unique monolithic rotor reduces material stress and improves assembly  tolerances

  • Electrical motor reduces start-up time and improves pump stability under changing gas load conditions

  • Higher vacuum performance with lower heat dissipation

  • Advanced water cooling system

  • Optimized air cooling system

  • Clean maintenance-free vacuum

For more information download the PDF Brochure below

TwisTorr Vacuum Pump PDF Brochure

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