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Affordable Automated Colony Counting

aCOLyte 3 HD is the latest affordable, automated colony counting device from Synbiosis. The aCOLyte 3 HD is available in one configuration and features new simple-to-use software that greatly improves efficiency, reliability and productivity over previous models.

The new aCOLyte 3 HD software uses a powerful new algorithm for colony counting on pour and spiral plates which until now were only found on the advanced ProtoCOL 3 models. Plates are automatically counted with results directly transferred to Excel or Open office.

The new style aCOLyte 3 HD accepts plates up to 90mm diameter. Lighting is provided by LEDs mounted above and below the sample area for both transmitted and epi illumination. A detachable screen can be used to eliminate strong ambient light if required.

aCOLyte 3 HD can be used with any conforming laptop or desktop PC and connects simply by using a USB port.

SuperCount Features

  • SAVE, valuable laboratory time (upto 90% time savings),
    1 second/plate typically
  • INCREASE, your laboratory's productivity by completing colony counting in a fraction of the time
  • SINGLE BUTTON, operation - just one click counts the entire plate
  • COUNTS, displayed instantly next to a full colour plate image
  • COLONY SEPARATION, carried out automatically to give accurate results
  • SWITCHABLE, detection modes for dark and light media types
  • ADJUSTABLE, sensitivity setting for optimal colony detection
  • BUILT-IN, background correction for different med
Acolyte Colony Counter

Open pdf below for more information

aCOLyte PDF Brochure

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