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GS 482
GS-482 Dual Block Thermal Cycler
The GS 482 dual block thermal cycler is the perfect solution for laboratories that require small to medium throughput but need more than one protocol.The dual block GS 482 is purpose built for the demands of the modern molecular biology laboratory.

Thermal Block Characteristics

Temperature Range 4°C - 99°C
Volume Range 2-150μl
Ramp Rate two 48 well blocks Up to 4°CS-1
Block Accuracy +/- 0.4°C (20-99°C)
Gradient Temperature Range 30?C - 80?C

Open pdf below for more information

GS-482 Thermal Cycler PDF Brochure

(JHB) +27 11 475 1823

(DBN) +27 31 301 7617

(CPT) +27 21 461 9607