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DYVERSITY is designed for the rapid generation of 2D protein gel images and features a high resolution, 16-bit CCD camera inside a computer-controlled darkroom. This camera with its 90 percent quantum efficiency offers unrivalled separation of the highest density of protein spot images and can capture faint spot images guaranteeing imaging accuracy which is comparable to many expensive laser based scanning systems.

The versatile DYVERSITY system has a manual zoom lens and can be fitted with a range of filters, UV and white lighting options to allow imaging of all commercial 2D protein stains including Coomassie Blue, silver stain, SYPRO? Ruby, Pro-Q? Diamond, Deep PurpleT. With an optional lighting module it is also possible to image gels stained with CyT2, CyT3 and CyT5. The high-quality 2D gel images produced by DYVERSITY can be easily downloaded for rapid analysis into DYMENSION, Syngene's powerful 2D gel image analysis software


Darkroom G:BOX extended configuration with enclosed camera and lens
Camera 6m pixels [3072 x 2048 ]
16 bit 0 - 65,535 black/white level
Cooled [ -25 C below zero]
Lens F1.4 manual lens
Sample Tray Motor driven adjustable sample tray
Filter Mechanism 7 position motor driven filter wheel

(JHB) +27 11 475 1823

(DBN) +27 31 301 7617

(CPT) +27 21 461 9607